Thursday, November 1, 2012

Elastic, No Crimp Hair Ties

Ever since I received my August Birchbox I have wanted to buy the no crimp hair ties. They are made from fold-over elastic and supposedly help prevent headaches from wearing your hair up. However, they are EXPENSIVE! sells them 12 ties for $22 or 6 for $16. 

Too rich for my blood.

So, I decided they couldn't be THAT hard to make so I ordered from elastic from a store on Etsy and made my own!! I ordered mine here.

Fold-over elastic in color(s) of your choice
Measuring tape

1. Cut your elastic to a length of your choice. I have found 7 inches to 8.5 inches works the best. Thicker hair will need the 8.5-9 inch length.

2. Fold the elastic in half and make a knot.

3. Tighten the knot, pull the knot towards the ends.

4. Cut the two ends together in a slant (if you want).

5. Take a lighter and barely burn the ends. This will prevent fraying. 

All done!! This is an easy DIY, which saves you money!! Perfect for a Christmas or birthday present!!

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