Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tissue Paper Mod-Podge Vase

Inspiration: Source

Here is my version:


Mod-Podge (either gloss or matte finish...the one above is matte, I have gloss)
Tissue paper
Paper punch
Paint brush
Vase or candle votive

My paper punch...little flower.


Punch out pieces of tissue paper.
Paint onto vase with mod-podge. Allow to dry for at least 20-30 minutes.

Ta-Da! Not as nice, but same difference.
If I had more energy, I would have found a candle to put in it...but I feel like crap. My burst of energy has subsided.
So, that was my project for the day. It was easy and it turned out pretty nice considering I have never tried to do anything like this before. It could easily be a neat, cheap project. You can get vases similar at dollar stores, tissue paper is cheap and I bought the paper bunch with a half-off at Hobby Lobby with their weekly coupon.

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  1. This looks very pretty and simple too...I'm your newest follower and hope you can stop by to say hi @


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