Friday, October 12, 2012

Craft Project: Snowmen Ornaments

What You'll Need:
Pre-cut wooden circles of various sizes.
Pre-cut wooden ovals

White, Black and Orange Acrylic Paint
Paint brush
Blush and make-up brush (small brush)
Fabric remnants
Glue gun

This project is fairly easy. The wooden pieces I purchased pre-cut from JoAnn's. Next I pained them white and the ovals black. I had my husband drill small holes in the tops of the circles prior to painting them white.
After the orange and white paint dried, I added the black flecks of paint. All you do is dip the brush in the paint and flick the bristles. This gives you the specks. I then put a tiny bit of blush on the cheeks to give them a nice rosy color. 
Glue the orange ovals onto the white circles. Take a small piece of fabric to make the scarf and use the glue gun to attach to the snowman. I cheated and used a sharpie to make the eyes.
I used jewelry wire to make the hanging loop.

Ta-da! Easy snowman ornaments.

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