Tuesday, March 12, 2013

iPhone App Tutorial: CocoPPa

I love finding new apps for my iPhone and iPad. Especially fun apps that let you be creative. The latest app I have discovered is CocoPPa. CocoPPa is an app that let's you change the app icons and wallpaper on your iPhone. It lets you personalize your phone to reflect your style. Here is one of my iPhone screens:

Adorbs, right? Thanks! I agree. 

I will warn you...the app is NOT without it's flaws and it takes some time to get used to it, so I figured I would write up a quick tutorial to help ya'll out.

First, download the CocoPPa app. No worries, it's free! (yay!)
Next, sign-up for an account...you can use your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or make a different user name. After you sign-up for an account, your screen should look like this:

It looks kind of like the Apple app store. It has a couple categories to scroll through on the main screen, such as popular icons, new icons, etc. You can also search different categories. I liked the app icons category but I found some good ones in many different categories. At the bottom it has different buttons. The one you should note is the "Mypage" button...you will want to know where this is for later because you are going to build an icon library by "liking" images.  I went through and found a bunch of different images, liked them and then had easy access to them later.

Click on "Mypage". It will take you to the second image above. Then click "Like" and it will take you to your library of images. Once you have some images picked out, you can assign them to your apps.

Click on the image you want to assign. It will take you back to this screen:

Click Set up link.

Click "App Search". Here's a downfall to the app...the search sucks. Most of the time, you can find the app you want...mainly the popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The ones I can't find are: Safari, Contacts, etc...apps that have generic names. So, I stuck with changing my social media apps and that's it. Anyways, go to app search and find the app you want to assign your image to.

Next, you see a screen that confirms that you want to create a short-cut, or link the new image to the app. DO NOT DELETE THE ORIGINAL ICON! If you do, the app will be deleted and the new image link will be dead. 

Next, confirm that you want to go to Safari and add the icon to the home screen as shown below.

Next, name your new icon:

After you name your icon, you will see the icon on your screen, along with the original icon. You have only created a link to the original app, so I repeat do NOT delete the original icon. Simply pull the icon to an unused screen. 

Easy peasey, right?

Okay, so let's review pros and cons of this app.

Allows you to personalize your fun
It's fun!
It's easy to use
It's free!

The creators were Asian, so some of the translations are hard to understand.
The app shuts off randomly without warning (at times. It happened 3 times to me)
The app search needs some work
It only creates a link to the original app, so you will have extra icons on a different screen.
The app icons won't show you when you have alerts:

Hope this tutorial helps!! If you have any questions, please e-mail me at cmanzullo@gmail.com


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  1. I have head that it "freezes" your phone? I will post a link for more in depth of what I am talking about...


    Did you have this problem?? This video has me scared to use the app..


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