Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Printables using PicMonkey

I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day. Neither is my husband. In fact, we don't celebrate it. We buy our kids cute little gifts but thats about it. We don't need a special day to buy each other something...we'd rather do it spontaneously, when the other doesn't expect it!

With that being said, I like Valentines Day because it brings about cute craft and DIY ideas...and I can't resist joining in on that fun!

I spend multiple hours a week scrolling through Pinterest. Mostly on my iPad before I go to sleep. Anyways, I always come across cute printables. So, while school was out I made my own using PicMonkey.

One of my many printables!

How you ask? Well, I will show you!!

First, go to the website and create a collage.

It will open and bring you to a screen that looks like this:

I used this collage and saved it, naming it "Blankcollage". That way I could use it as a blank template. I saved it as a 10" x 10". You can easily resize it to whatever size frame you'd like to use.

Once you save the blank template, close out and go to edit a picture.

Then you will open up your blank collage and start creating! I subscribe to PicMonkey (which is $4.99 a month). At first, I was mad they make you pay now, but I use it all the time for my blog so I felt it was worth the $5 I pay a month. Anyways, PicMonkey offers free services also, which you can use.

It's pretty simple and fun to do. Here's some fun printables I made! Feel free to use them for Valentines Day!

I made this one because it was my husband and I's wedding song. Couldn't help myself!

Once your done with your printable, print it and frame it! Super cute.
Good luck and enjoy!

Parlo and Logi

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  1. great idea, and very cute. I'm your newest follower, coming by from parlo & logi's F-it fridays


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